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this update has been massive i hope all of you will enjoy it as much as i did

this game came a long way. its been almost a month in development, and i think its finally in a playable state. also i just cant wait to get peoples opinions about it <3

 this is gonna be an experience you WILL want to replay

the game still has a long way to go, need to get more music and etc, but so far i love it, and im sure youll love it too <3

relaxing gameplay, beutiful visuals, wonderful sounds, and perfect dificulty.

thank you to all the people that helped me so far and i hope to continue making great things with great artists




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This is a very lovely and peaceful game! I feel like it would be something I would want to site in a cool dark room and relax while playing this. The colourfulness and sound reminds me to some degree of Flow. Few suggestions: 1) The mouse movement was a bit strange for me and would prefer it to feel differently 2) The first "level" was a bit slow, I think you could shorten it up just a little bit and still give lots to the player. Until I got into the cave I wasn't as interested, but became even more interested and found it more enjoyable once I was climbing the mushrooms! 3) A quick description of what the orbs mean. It took me just before the cave to figure it out. 4) Maybe instead of orbs, what if the level elements acted as the orbs themselves. Not exactly sure how, but would help bring even more life to the levels, keeping the following feeling fresh and interact. 

Great job!

thank you so much for the kind words and suggestions, im indeed quite inspired by the art director of "that game company" games like journey flower and abzu i was very inspired to make a game with a similar peaceful feel cuz its just so plesant to play those games i will modify the way the wings work so its more clear what the orbs do thank you


Looks pretty.  Can't wait to see more

thank you im planning to release a open demo next week